A new and very reliable story

In 1965 Tecnotrex Spa was born in Sarnico, at first as an artisan laboratory for the production of ropes and packing, later as an industrial reality in Sebino specializing  in the manufacture of spiral wound gaskets, metal, metal-plastics, printed and extruded in rubber.

Our production takes advantage of the latest technologies as well as a stock that we are trying to keep adequate for the typical requests of the market. In any case our production remains committed to the clients and their specifications that we are able to observe and respect.

Our system has been certified as conforming to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring a constant search for quality and production capability. We are proud to offer our clients a choice of truly diverse products, combined with extremely efficient pre- and post- sales service, for technical support as well as an excellent level of quality in the process and product.


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